What Kind of Person You Are When It Comes to Work?

As we all known, there always are some excellent people in every group. One is called good soldier in army,while one is called excellent student in school and one should be called great employee in companies. Those outstanding people who always have sense of responsibility, commitment and team spirit tend to spare no effort to do everything well, pay attention to every detail, deal with any problem actively and should not have any excuse when something goes wrong, while there are another employees who are selfish and reluctant to do work that are not asked to do and have negative attitude towards work. These two types of characteristics are impressive to employers for the entirely different characteristics.

At Haixu, the stainless steel sphere supplier, there are two salesmen, one of whom sort out his personal belongings in advance before off duty and gets off work on time, while the other of whom is apt to stay in the company after duty time to sort out customer information and plans schedule for the next day. The latter one seize every opportunity for potential orders with passion while talking to customers, while the former is not active for potential orders.

These two salesmen came to Haixu almost in same period. However, there are quite different in their performance—the performance of the latter one was much more better than the former one. What makes their performance  different when they are doing the same job in the same company? Obviously, their attitude towards work. Excellent employees take their work seriously as a way to cherish their life, so they will be more passionate in work and embrace each day with full enthusiasm.For employees who are relatively backward in work, they hold the view that work is meaningless. As everyone knows, work is a part of the life of every person in society. If you don’t take working hours seriously, that means you are wasting  your life. They have the wrong idea that I get monthly salary and the employer do not know anything if I do less job. What they don’t know is that their behavior left bad impression to most people. Obviously, such employees will definitely be eliminated by the company and customers.

Haixu holds the view that no matter what position you are in, you must take it seriously. This is the most important quality that a professional must have. As old saying goes, success depend on details. Don’t neglect any minor problems in the work, safeguard the company’s property and interests, and work hard with due diligence. Every employee must understand and handle the relationship between the individual and the company.