Understand Customers’ Needs for Stainless Steel Sphere Behind Requirement

We all know that requirements for product quality vary from customer to customer. Therefore, consumers’ requirements should be the enterprise should specified and distinguished and specific measures should be taken.  Only by knowing the quality requirements of customers can we meet their requirements and serve them better at the same time.

Last week, there was a customer who made an enquire about stainless steel sphere with the diameter and size which is up to 2 or 3 decimal place. Our salesman asked the customer what tolerance is, and the customer answered that 1 decimal place is Ok and asked us to quote him the price like regular products. After receiving the reply, our salesman was confused. On the one hand, the products with this special specification is not in stock. On the other hand, the size and the quality is not large enough for us to produce customized products. During communication, with the hope of better cooperation, we told the new customer the minimum quality if small-sized customized products are required.

Haixu, the supplier who specialize in stainless steel sphere in China holds that good stainless steel sphere products are not made blindly and customers are forced to accept the products. Instead, we should make clear what customers require and then plan the production. This is why customization are prevalent nowadays. To understand the requirements of our new and old customers is to understand what they need and what they really care about. Is the quality or price or anything else? Therefore, a great business should understand “the need behind requirements”. Without understanding customers’ needs, it is impossible to make an effective sales strategy.

Understand the needs of customers from the perspective of customers, and treat customers in the way that customers expect. Consider what customers want and what customers need. It is Haixu that serves our customers better.