Haixu—A Stainless Steel Decorative Ball Manufacturer Talks About Whether We Should Treat Our Customers Equally or Differently

Recently, a friend of mine want me to introduce him some producers who produce stainless steel pipe. He would like to buy the products with more than 10 kinds of specification with each 100kg. He said that he called several manufacturers, some of which have part of products he want in stock, but most products with required specification are out of stock, while some producers are not willing to communicate with him for the small quantity. He could not bear this so he asked me for help. And finally he asked what if your customers place you an order like this, what would you do, treating your clients like those manufacturers I mentioned above? I answered, we treat every customers equally and if it is our ability to help customers, we would like to do our best to serve them either small order or large one.

In today’s fiercely competitive society, service, patience, and attitude have become more and more important. People would not buy from suppliers who are impatient to talk with their customers. Everyone wants to be respected. If one do not respect others and despise others, how should people should respect him. Therefore, for those salesmen or service-oriented workers, they should pay more attention to their attitude, keep to be patient so that customers would like to communicate with them, thus having greater chance of cooperation.

In daily work, Haixu will come across all kinds of people every day, and a rule we bear in mind is that treat each other sincerely, and pay attention to the inherent needs of each customer.

If we come across a customer who know little knowledge about products or even the market, we should explain them with polite and patient way, which is the key element to depend on whether the products can be sold.

And we also should hold modest attitude towards those who know the market and products deeply, and never exaggerate what you say or deceive customers. If encountering our counterpart, we should not be hostile to them. There is competition in every industry and every enterprise has its own way to do business. For those customers in the same trade, we may cooperate with each other to jointly create a win-win result. Haixu, the manufacturer who specialize in stainless steel treats every customers equally with passion, patience and sincerity.