The Trap of Business

Couple months ago, I chatted with friends, one of whom told me, “ I get an offer with an extremely low price and I said several question but finally got nothing. And I didn’t buy them.” I said to him, “ Even though the supplier guarantee something about the products, you would better be wary of being deceiving for such a low price.”

Everyone knows that you get what you pay for. But why do people still engage in cheap products?  For a customer who does not understand the value of the product, any quote can be high! If one has to compare us with other enterprises whose products are made of inferior stainless steel, he may complain about our price. It is because Haixu’s products—stainless steel sphere are made of stainless steel grade 304 which is up to standard and by our great manufacturing processes.

The key to Haixu’s business is that we care more about service and value instead of price. Many of you may face such situation where customers always complain the high price. And many of you may end up wondering why my customers always say it is too expensive every time I quote. That’s because the clients doesn’t know how much value you can create for them. This value not only means the value of stainless steel, but also the expertise and the professional services you provide.

Can anyone tell us what is cheap and what is expensive? From my perspective, the price can be too low to be expensive! Because it wastes your money, time and energy. You get what you pay.