The Price of Stainless Steel Sphere Far Less Than Market Price, How Do You Think Of It?

Last Monday, a client called to our salesman Mike and asked for the price of stainless steel sphere. And he gave the customer an offer after asking more specific detail. Then, the customer complained the price is high and said ** (the price in customers’ counter-offer which is far less than the market price ) is enough for the products. Mike, the young salesman who didn’t believe the low price and were angry about it, said “Excuse me. Are you joking? If you can get the products with this price, I would like to buy from you as much as possible.” Although what Mike said was absolutely right, it is inappropriate to talk to customers in this way.

After that, he was criticized. Mike said, “it is ridiculous. The client is not for the products and has little knowledge about the products.” His leader told him “he should pay attention to his tone of voice while talking to customers. In the case that customers hold little knowledge of the material or products, we should explain them the current situation in the market that this price is no longer in the low-end market, let alone Haixu, which boasts its quality products with great material from high-end material market.”

There would not have high quality products and excellent service if no revenue counts because it requires costs to pursuit quality goods and service. And undercutting maliciously can never go a long way in the long run and Haixu will never partake in such competition.  

For Haixu, the stainless steel sphere manufacturer, it is more important to attach importance to customers’ demands for product improvement and upgrade. It is my personal view that customers will care more about better quality and service.

I believe more and more customers are willing to buy more expensive products with better quality and better service. The world is advancing, while human needs for beauty are increasing.

Haixu neither sells inferior products nor deceives our customers. Only product quality is guaranteed, can we gain customers’ trust.