Haixu—The Stainless Steel Ball Supplier: The Power of Word-Of-Mouth

A customer made a phone call to Haixu and asked whether we specialize in stainless steel sphere. Our salesman answered, “Yes, Haixu is specialize in stainless steel sphere and stainless steel sculpture sphere. The customer said, “ I got your company name from one of my friends. Could you please quote me the products with the diameter of 60’’.” And we offer the price, then we exchange some basic product information. Before hanging up, the customer said, “I would like to make sure that your company is called Haixu, right?” The salesman responded, “Yes, it is Haixu that specialize in stainless steel sphere and sculpture sphere.”

As you can see, this is the power of word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth is important because it can affect consumers’ attitude and purchasing behavior. The vast majority of consumers seek information from outside sources when making purchasing decisions. Compared to formal or direct-purpose sources of information, such as advertising, consumers often rely more on informal or interpersonal sources of information before buying. Therefore, word-of-mouth communication has a high influence and persuasion.

Good word of mouth comes from customers’ purchasing experience. What is it? In fact, it is the customer’s comments on the company or product, which is the reputation of a brand. I suppose that everyone knows the importance of customer’s trust for a brand as many surveys and statistic show that positive purchasing experience enables to build a long-term relationship between customers and the brand. Moreover, customers are willing to pay more to gain better buying experience.

Why do customers prefer a certain brand? We found that the two most important reasons are the friendly attitude and the performance of the product; the convenience of finding information or asking for help ranks second; and the third place is the personalized service.

Of course, one thing must be clear: building a good reputation is by no means a temporary effort. It requires constant persistence and good customer service, which is a long-term and time-consuming project. 

Product quality is priority. Without good quality, it is useless for business even though there is wonder service. Attaching importance to customers’ feedback is the key to pursuing better quality and greater service.  

Product quality is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction. Excellent product quality and attentive after-sales service can make enjoyable shopping experience for customers, which will not only improve customer loyalty for the brand so to bring resale, but also customers will also recommend products to friends and family members to help promote the product.

No matter now or in the future, Haixu‘s purpose is only one: rest assured that you buy, the comfort of buying is our biggest pursuit.