The Importance of Stainless Steel Sculpture in Public Art

With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic requirements, stainless steel sculptures have gradually become an important part of current public spaces. So what is the characteristics of public art and what is the value of stainless steel sculpture in public art? (Related article: Many people hold such a question: what kind of atmosphere does stainless steel decoration bring?)

Characteristics of public art

In essence, the characteristics of the field of the public art mainly include: first, openness. There are no restrictions in the public arts, allowing all public participation. Second, the characteristics of equality. The field of public art gives all participants equal status or identity. Third, public opinion. The development of the field of public art is based on public exchanges and discussions. When there are differences in public communication and the rationality of such differences is recognized, there will be some changes in the form and scope of public art.

The value of stainless steel sculpture in the field of public art

  • Converging with environment

Taking urban sculpture as an example, when the sculptor uses the city as the background and displays sculptures against the backdrop of modern architecture, the sculpture and the surrounding space will reach a special fusion.

  • in terms of creating artistic atmosphere

From the perspective of functional change, the sculpture plays an important role in the public art field. When the sculpture is placed in a public space, the environmental space in which it is located will change significantly. When people come into close contact with sculptures, it is easy to produce a sense of spatial separation, that is, they are separated from the original environmental space, and at the same time, the body and spirit are transferred into the new space created by the sculpture, which promotes unique artistic feelings.

  • Communicating with the public

The field of public art provides a good environmental foundation for visual and emotional communication between the public and sculpture. In addition, the communication between the public and sculpture in the field of public art is also reflected in spiritual and emotional aspects.

  • Function of converting artwork

The traditional function of stainless steel sculpture as a work of art is only for art appreciation. Taking Europe in the 18th century as an example, the sculpture at that time was just the private property of upper-class aristocracy. In the field of public art, the traditional art appreciation function of stainless steel sculptures has been transformed into a variety of different functions such as decoration of public space landscapes, entertainment, and relief of stress. Stainless steel sculptures have moved away from the restrictive function of personalizing art appreciation, and turned to serve the public. Judging from the changes in function types, the value of stainless steel sculpture in the field of public art has expanded well.

From the analysis above, we can see that the public art field plays a vital role in stainless steel sculpture. In this field, the value of stainless steel sculptures is embodied in transforming the functions of artworks, communicating with the public, creating artistic atmosphere, and integrating the environment. With the help of public art media, stainless steel sculptures reasonably meet people’s aesthetic requirements and artistic tastes, and exert a good effect on the aesthetics of the entire public space.