Surface treatment of stainless steel hollow ball

As a stainless steel hollow ball supplier, we usually come across with some question about the surface treatment of metal balls from our customers out of their curiosity. Today, we are going to share some information about the surface treatment for stainless steel spheres.

Stainless Steel Hollow Sphere for Decoration
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It is easy for the stainless steel hollow ball to maintain the surface state. Only occasional flushing can remove dust. Due to the good corrosion resistance, graffiti contamination on the surface or similar other surface contamination can be easily removed.

Cleaning and polishing: If there is damage, it should be polished, especially scratches and splashes caused by contact with carbon steel parts. Damage caused by cutting slag must be carefully and thoroughly cleaned and polished.

Mechanical polishing: Use appropriate polishing tools for polishing, requiring uniform processing, over-polishing and re-scratching avoidance.

Degreasing and dust removal: Before pickling and passivation of stainless steel parts, oil, scale, dust and other debris must be removed according to the process.

Water sandblasting treatment: According to different treatment requirements, choose different micro glass beads, different process parameters, and avoid overspray.

Pickling passivation: The pickling passivation of stainless steel parts must be passivated in strict accordance with the process requirements.

Cleaning and drying: After pickling and passivation, neutralization, washing and drying should be carried out strictly to thoroughly remove the residual acid.

Protection: After the surface treatment of stainless steel balls is completed, protection should be done to avoid secondary pollution from touching by personnel, oil, dust and other sundries.

Avoid reprocessing: After finishing the surface treatment of stainless steel hollow spheres, avoid reprocessing the parts or products.