Stainless Steel Spheres— Factors Influence Price

In business, most people may be familiar with such situation. That is, your client asks what the price of your products is and then says someone’s is cheaper than yours.

In modern society, “cost-effectiveness” is also a major factor when it comes to price. Therefore, what is the standard of cost effectiveness in the field of stainless steel industry?


There is nothing wrong to meet different market’s need with various materials. However, in practice, the phenomenon of replacing superior quality products with shoddy products has been appearing as customers know nothing but stainless steel as part of steel that is rust resistance and put low price as priority for further business relationship. Therefore, they might be in the trap of “best quality products with low cost”. But it is completely wrong. As Chinese old saying goes, “Hao Gui” – “Hao” means high quality, while “Gui” means expensive. All together means high price for superior quality products- only paying for certain amount of money so that one can obtain wonderful products. And the psychology of consumers of pursuing low price will to some extent affect their rational judgement. As a result, no matter in what way, the consumers limit the performance of manufacturers, which turns out to affect the integrity of industry chain.


The thinnest wall thickness of stainless steel balls is generally 0.6mm, and in general for decorative purposes, the thickness of 0.8mm accounts for a very large proportion, and the outer diameter of the specification varies widely from region to region. The overall cost has dropped after the specifications have shrunk. As what is mentioned above, in addition to specifications, thickness is another factor. Some customers as laymen don’t have much knowledge about it and use to regarding price as the first consideration. Some might tell you that it is the thicker one and the consumers have no idea whether it is or not for it cannot be measured as a finished product.


In addition to the material itself, the quality of the stainless steel ball is the workmanship, and the performance and stability of the machine are closely related to its production equipment. There are three main factors that affect the quality due to production: machinery, molds and welding.

Good performance machinery can guarantee stable production, while good mold directly affects the forming of stainless steel balls. Cheap molds will rust before long, and often need to be repaired, while great molds will be brighter after using. Of course, this is also related to the stability of mechanical components.

Polishing accessories: The quality of the accessories has a certain impact on the brightness of the surface of stainless steel balls. Good accessories have high costs but small losses. Manufacturers are no exception. Generally, they pay attention to prices and rarely care about cost performance. 

The facts mentioned above illustrate that price is not the only determining factor. Cost performance is also a vital element you may consider when it comes to purchasing. Sometimes, the performance of a suitable and worthy product is much more important than price. Meanwhile, the wrong focus will help you gain nothing but low price.