Stainless Steel Sphere

Haixu is a specialist in producing and supplying all kind of stainless steel decorative sphere including large Stainless Steel Hollow Spheres, Stainless Steel Gazing Ball, Drilling Hole Stainless Steel Spheres and Stainless Steel Sphere with Stand. We have superb technology and professional team with over 200 advanced production facilities and over 30 testing equipment for steel balls inspection and quality guarantee to make sure all our products can serve for its original purpose.

Large Stainless Steel Sphere

Large Stainless Steel Sphere also known as Large Metal Garden Spheres is welding with durable AISI304 stainless steel sheet by our workers. One of the production method is Spinning, which is also the thickest steel balls option. Firstly we spinning two steel hemispheres, then welding together, finally grinding the welding seams and mirror polishing it. This is the thickest steel ball choice.

There are stainless steel large hollow sphere with various size such as 800mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, etc. Details of various metal sphere are as follows:

metal spheres stainless steel balls

500mm-800mm Medium Stainless Steel Garden Sphere

These Metal Spheres are all made of stainless steel and manufactured according to global standard production and produced to meet the market’s need. Generally, our Large Stainless Steel Balls are from 500mm to 2000mm with 0.8mm to 10mm thickness. Any large steel balls size than 2000mm also can be made.

large stainless steel sphere

800mm-2000mm Large Stainless Steel Hollow Ball

Generally, Haixu’s stainless steel balls with high quality mioor polished finish are made of #304 stainless steel. But it also can be made of #316 stainless steel if your project requires material with higher resistance to corrosion or spheres can be made of #201 stainless steel if your project is with relatively low budget.

Stainless Steel Gazing Ball 

Another production method didn’t be mentioned above is mould pressing which also can be applied to make such gazing balls. It is to shape steel sheet by deforming it with a mould. Then welded two steel hemispheres together and grinding the welding seams. Finally mirror polishing the hollow steel balls.

Stainless steel Garden Decoration Balls ornament

Silvery Stainless Steel Garden Decoration Balls

These stainless steel sphere won’t shatter like glass gazing balls, and they are spherical, so there is no stem or neck protruding like some glass balls. Durable as it is, it can be placed in many places such as grass ground. Its perfect mirror polished finished makes it a focal point in landscape, patio, or even indoors.

Stainless Steel Decorative Color Sphere for indoor and outdoor

Colored Stainless Steel Gazing Ball

We use Vacuum metalizing the golden transparent color on stainless steel gazing ball. Firstly. we’ll drilled a hole or weld inside a nut to fix the them on the tool fixtures.then make the reflective base coat on the Vacuum Metalizing machine.after base coating we’ll implement a UV tinted topcoat is applied to enhance, moisture, abrasion, and chemical resistance for our stainless steel gazing balls.We offer many different topcoats for different transparent colors.

Stainless Steel Hollow Sphere

Besides the last two method, this kind of sphere can also be made by water pressuring—the third method of making stainless steel sphere. After calculating the specific data for the welding steel sheet size, our technicians bend it to a precise shape,and then our qualified workers weld a similar spherical cube shape and  forming a perfect spherical steel balls with particular water pressure. Finally we’ll grind off the welding seams and mirror polishing it. There’s no standard die limited under this method, making any size on your demand available.

stainless steel sphere with hanging hook

Stainless Steel Decorative Sphere with Hanging Hook

Same as stainless steel gazing balls, in this one, hook is added as part of the products make it ready to hang. It is a Fantastic attraction and has stunning effect great ornament to your garden, as a sun catcher, eye-catching and nice looking decoration, durable and easy hook and hangs in the tree, fences, patio, garden, lawn, home.

Silvery Sphere with Base, handrail sphere

Stainless Steel Sphere with Stand

Stainless Steel Sphere with Stand or Stainless Steel Railing Ball is made of durable AISI201/304/316 stainless steel ball with pedestal fitting the railing and handrail tube. pedestal with different size steel balls can be customized. Stainless steel railing balls is widely use for commercially and residentially projects. The high quality finish enhances your garden gates/fences and home staircase.

Drilling Hole Stainless Steel Balls or Stainless Steel Spheres with Hole

Drilling Hole Stainless Steel Spheres

Drilling Hole Stainless Steel Balls or Stainless Steel Spheres with Hole is stamped press two steel hemispheres first. then punching the hole on the hemisphere by stamping hole mould. After finishing holes, welding together two hemisphere. Finally mirror polishing.

Large Stainless Steel Sphere/Stainless Steel Gazing Ball/Stainless Steel Hollow Sphere Customization

Customization(Large Stainless Steel Sphere/Stainless Steel Gazing Ball/Stainless Steel Hollow Sphere )

Cooperating with world leading stainless steel sphere manufacturer&supplier Haixu Co., Ltd., you are able to obtain quality mental sphere products with satisfaction and enjoy the fastest delivery and wonderful service. Any size and color with multiple surface finish on metal balls can be made based on your requirement.