Stainless Steel Sphere Sculpture For City Construction

The stainless steel decoration spheres and stainless steel sphere sculpture is to enhance the cultural connotation of the city, the construction of the city square, and the characteristic cultural character.

In urban construction, a unique urban culture is formed by urban landscape and sculpture construction. Stainless steel sphere sculptures are included in the city planning.

The stainless steel sphere sculptures showcase the historical and cultural stories, show the development context of the city, the connotation of history and culture, and celebrities stainless steel sculptures demonstrate the profound cultural heritage of the ancient city.

In urban construction, efforts are made to integrate cultural connotations into urban construction, to promote the complementarity of urban hardware construction and cultural construction, and to use culture to cast the soul of the city.   

We can see stainless steel sphere sculptures everywhere in our lives. For example, in cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc., we make full use of the decorative effect of stainless steel, which greatly enhances the entire environment. Its overall light perception is very strong, not easy to be broken, and it has an overall feeling.

So what is features of stainless steel sphere sculpture?

The stainless steel material of the stainless steel sphere sculpture is characterized by its resistance to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive media.

It is precisely because of the many advantages of stainless steel that many urban sculptures are is the material. Stainless steel requires the sculpture itself to be concise and elegant, the shape is obvious, and the light and shadow effect is also very strong.

Stainless steel sphere sculpture is a new type of sculpture developed on the basis of traditional stone carving, because it is bright, lively, not easy to be polluted, and is very consistent with modern urban life. It has gradually been accepted by the public and occupied in the market.

The share of stainless steel sphere sculpture is getting bigger and bigger, and there is a tendency to surpass traditional stone carving.