Stainless Steel Hemisphere

Haixu—the stainless steel ball/hemisphere manufacturer is able to stamp press and spin stainless steel hemispheres with any size matching customers’ needs. Our stamping pressed steel hemispheres features a high mirror polished which is capable for ceiling decoration and traffic conner safety mirrors dome.

Stainless Steel Hollow Hemisphere

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Our spinning stainless steel hemispheres has a hemispherical shape which  superior to the Torispherical shape in strength.  Hemispheres are the best shape for mixing vessels such as pharmaceutical manufacturing bowls, because the corner which cause burning-on of product in a torispherical shape, is therefore eliminated.  Our hemispheres are of extra smooth contour, so that agitator blades swipe the surfaces much more effectively. The spun stainless steel hemisphere also provide a stronger vacuum, and drain better as a tank or pressure vessel ends.

Haixu—the stainless steel ball/hemisphere supplier is capable of spinning/stamping press/assembling metal half ball to almost any size meeting customers’ requirement. Stamping press can be used to make stainless steel hollow hemisphere with size ranging from 20mm to 800mm and thickness from 0.8mm to 2mm, while welding assembled can make this metal hemisphere with size ranging from 200mm to 2000mm and with invisible welding seams. And inner polishing is available on demand.

Colored Stainless Steel Half Ball

golden stainless steel hemisphere

Our stainless steel hemispheres with high mirror polished are able to reflect its surroundings beautifully, which perfect fit for decoration in hotel, restaurant, Party, wedding, office buildings,shopping mall, and metope adornment: KTV, bars, shops, background wall decoration or add variety to your staircase. Hemispheres are the well shape for specialist pressure vessel designs accepting , especially in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food cooking industries.

Silvery stainless steel hollow half ball as what is mentioned above almost make no differences from golden ones, except that we use Vacuum metalizing the golden transparent color on stainless steel gazing ball. Same as stainless steel colored gazing ball, stainless steel decorative hemisphere can also be made with various colors.

Generally, #304 stainless steel hemisphere will be made for public demands. Haixu is able to make #316 stainless steel half ball matching customers’ specification  if your project requires material with higher resistance to corrosion and we are also capable to make #201 stainless steel hemisphere for projects with lower budget.

Large Stainless Steel Hollow Hemisphere 

Large Stainless Steel Hollow Half Ball

This Big Metal Hollow Half Ball is welded and assembled by durable #201#304#316 stainless steel sheet. The edge is trimmed for it is smooth in touch with burrs. And finally, mirror polishing finished or with any surface treatment you require. It can be used in architectural applications, garden decoration, water feature, fountain, shopping mall, office building, etc.

Custom Stainless Steel Hollow Half Ball/Hemisphere For Sale

Custom Stainless Steel Hollow Ball/Hemisphere/Sculpture Manufacturer and Supplier

Cooperating with world leading stainless steel ball/hemisphere manufacturer&supplier Haixu Co., Ltd., you are able to obtain quality mental hemisphere products with satisfaction and enjoy the fastest delivery and wonderful service. Any size and color with multiple surface finish and various grade stainless steel material on metal half balls are available based on your requirement. And inner polishing is available on demand.