Products That Should Avoid Stainless Steel

Does anyone use stainless steel to build cars? Porsche tried it once, but never try it again because of its shortcoming.

 Since the car is aging after driving for a period of time, the car will be rusted, and some chassis parts will become very messy, and it will affect the performance of the car. Some people wonder whether the problem of rust can be avoided by using stainless steel to build a car and whether any manufacturer have tried to make it. In fact, there was a car company that have done this, but building a car by using stainless steel is not in line with actual demand.

One of the characteristics of stainless steel is that it is not easy to rust. In fact, stainless steel boasts its corrosion resistance, but it does not never rust(previous article: What would cause stainless steel sphere to rust? (Ⅰ)), such as the stainless steel tableware that we often use in our lives, which will also rust if it has been used for a long time. The higher grade stainless steel is, the better corrosion resistance is.

However, it is not easy to build a car with stainless steel. After all, the cost of many parts of the car increases. Porsche tried it before but it turned out to fail, because the performance of the car was reduced caused by heavy weight. Compared with other cars, the performance has not been improved but reduced. Naturally, no market will embrace this car.

The cost of stainless steel is relatively expansive compared with galvanized steel, which makes it not cost-effective. Also, the cost of processing materials is high and it has become difficult to save fuel for the heavy weight. In reality, car companies are apt to adopt light-weight production design schemes in order to make the car stronger and then run faster.

Even though Haixu is a stainless steel sphere suppiler, we would not recommand people to make or buy products all made of stainless steel. Stainless Steel is not suitable for every product though it boast its properties of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. There are many other aspects such as cost, performance should be taken into account.