A Stainless Steel Sphere Manufacturer Answer A Common Question: What Kind of Atmosphere Does Stainless Steel Decoration Bring?

First of all, what kind of ambience does stainless steel itself bring? In fact, it has something to do with the material-stainless steel itself. The decoration of the surroundings brings a feeling of modernization caused by the surface of stainless steel and the original color of the material. In addition, the development of processing technology provides stainless steel a variety of surface processing approaches and color treatment. As for current popular stainless steel, it boasts its tough and strong texture and great plasticity. And it can be placed outdoor for a long time, such as stainless steel decorative balls. Therefore, stainless steel is used in many indoor and outdoor landscape sculptures, large-scale urban sculptures, architectural decoration works, etc. The stainless steel polishing method can also make the outdoor works look dynamic and give a sense of modernization.

Forging and casting method are be used in processing metal materials. In production, metal materials make works with narrow fulcrum points and larger dynamic range and large spatial span possible and realistic. In terms of modeling treatment, the metal material has a greater expression space and can break through the form of traditional materials, which greatly enriches the modeling language of the sculpture. In addition, the surface of metal can be chemically treated to produce various unexpected changes, which makes the work unique metal beauty.

The strong gloss of stainless steel is the most prominent feature. This uniqueness enriches the visual effects of the sculpture, which rising sculptors’ strong interest. The stainless steel sculpture ball can be  suspended on the water surface. The gloss is overflowing. Under the sunlight, it looks even more silvery and shiny. With the characteristics of reflection, stainless steel makes this light more attractive.

The mirror stainless steel sculpture gives the waterscape more brilliance that could not have been given before, and gives the water features a different visual sense, making the stainless steel sculpture ball shine in our lives.