Low Price For Stainless Steel Sphere, Is It True?

Before Spring Festival, a friend went to see me and said that his client had sent him a sample  and would like to make an order of the products with the same material as the sample. And his customer said that it was made of stainless steel grade 304 but my friend found that it is made by grade 201 after receiving the sample instead of grade 304. My friend said, “No wonder my client said that the price I offer is high. The price he received previously is that with stainless steel grade 201.”

Almost every day, we will come across some target customers who care more about the cost. Purchasers take bargain for granted by means of shopping around. We all understand this behavior but shopping around is based on customers’ knowledge to recognize whether the products are good or not. We all know that business is based on all different costs including material cost, labor cost, etc. However, there are tremendous people who don’t want others earn extra penny from them, and always make a bargain. They even would like to buy cheap products with the same name of the product they want but more interior quality. Even though some people purchase the goods with good quality at best price, they also hope that there can be better price next time, which is the weakness of human nature and also one of the reasons why counterfeiting or interior products are so popular.

The layman compares price, while the insider compares value; the layman compares the name of the products, while the other compares quality. Do not always compare the price in a grocery market with the service of a Michelin restaurant. And do not have the thought that spending a penny can get a dollar. All of these are not in line with the general rule of value.

Haixu is always here with its initial purpose—do our best to serve others, either in products or in our service. If one cares more about the cost, the price of high quality products would be accepted. But if one cares more about the cheap price, the quality of the goods should not be expected. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.