How to distinguish which stainless steel ball manufacturer is the best one

Whether a stainless steel sphere manufacturer is good or not depend on three aspects, which are the quality of stainless steel ball, the reputation of the company and the service the company serves. Chances are that the stainless steel spheres you buy from those unreliable companies are fake. What do I mean by that? Can stainless steel balls be fake?

Yes. It might be fake. Stainless steel balls are relatively expensive in steel balls. However, there are many non-standard stainless steel material to mix the spurious with the genuine in the marketplace. If customers do not know anything about it and always pursuit low price, it is easy to be deceived. They may buy the products back and find the anti-rust effect is not good as it should be and even some rust quickly. It seems that one find a bargain, but actually he/she are cheated.

Based on the material, stainless steel balls are mainly divided into austenitic stainless steel balls and martensitic stainless steel balls, in which austenite mainly refers to 300 series, such as 302, 303, 304, 316 etc. and it also refers to 200 series, but now it is less used in being producing stainless steel spheres for the decreasing need in the market. The anti-rust effect of 200 series is not as good as 304 while the price is not so much lower than that of 304.

The main materials of martensitic stainless steel balls are 420, 420C, 440, 440C, etc. Among them, the price of 420 is relatively low and the performance is much lower than 440. 440 is called special steel or bearing steel ball by steel mills. The reason why it is called special steel is because it is anti-rust and high in hardness. It can be used under special circumstances with high requirement. Of course, the price is relatively high.

More professional detail about stainless steel may not be expressed here for some information I have mentioned in my previous articles.(one can check my previous articles for more detail if interested in it.) One can just have the basic knowledge about how to choose your stainless steel balls. Choose a reliable manufacturer and please bear in mind that do not always pursuit bargain because there is little chances that one can get high-quality products with low price. So return to the question, which is the best stainless steel ball manufacturer? The key is to find a reliable manufacturer or company instead of a cheap one. After all, you get what you pay for.