How to Deal with Scratches on the Surface of Stainless Steel Balls

Generally speaking, stainless steel balls with polish finished would be smooth and shinny. But sometimes there would be some scratches on the surface due to some certain factors. It might be invisible from a great distance, but will be more visible when you walk near to it. As a supplier who specializes in stainless steel spheres, here, we would like to share the idea how to deal with scratches on the surface of metal balls.

stainless steel spheres hollow with mirror polish
Stainless Steel Sphere with Mirror Polish

In order to prevent the accumulation of process lubricants and dirt that causes scratches, the scratches and rough surfaces must be thoroughly mechanically cleaned. Usually, a stainless steel polishing machine would be used to remove these scratches. Sometimes stainless steel is heated to a certain high temperature in the air during welding or in the process of grinding, and chromium oxide thermal tempering color appears on both sides of the natural weld, the lower surface and the bottom of the weld. The heat-tempered color is thinner than the oxide protective film and, thus, it is clearly visible.

The color is determined by the thickness, and thicker oxides are generally black. This black oxide is caused by staying at high temperature or high temperature for a long time. The content of chromium on the surface is reduced, resulting in a reduction in the corrosion resistance of the area. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the thermal tempering color and other oxide layers, and clean the chromium-poor metal layer under them.