How Stainless Steel Gazing Balls Not Scratched

Stainless steel gazing balls is easy to be scratched if they are not well taken of. Therefore, sometimes, as a stainless steel sphere supplier, we often come across with the question that how can I be sure that the stainless steel gazing balls I received is not scratched. Today, we would like to make it clear. There are few that can avoid balls being scratched during the production.

Riveting welding

When stainless steel hollow balls are assembled, compulsory assembly should be avoided, especially flame baking assembly should be avoided. If plasma cutting is used temporarily during the assembly or production process, isolation measures should be taken to avoid contamination of other stainless steel parts by cutting slag. After cutting, the cutting residue on the work piece should be cleaned up.


Before welding the stainless steel hollow sphere, the oil, rust, dust and other debris must be carefully removed. When welding, use argon arc welding as much as possible. When using manual arc welding, use small current and fast welding to avoid swinging. It is strictly forbidden to ignite the arc in the non-welded area, and the ground wire should be in an appropriate position and firmly connected to avoid arc scratches. Anti-spatter measures should be taken during welding.

Multi-layer welding

During multi-layer welding, the slag between layers must be removed. During multilayer welding, the temperature between layers should be controlled, generally not exceeding 60°C.

Welding seam

The welded seam should be ground. The surface of the welded seam shall not have defects such as slag, pores, undercut, spatter, cracks, lack of fusion, incomplete penetration, etc. The welding seam and the base metal shall be smoothly transitioned and shall not be lower than the base metal.


For the orthopedics of stainless steel hollow balls, flame heating methods should be avoided, especially repeated heating of the same area is not allowed.When orthopedic, try to use mechanical devices, or hammer with a wooden hammer or a rubber pad, and do not hammer with an iron hammer to avoid damage to the stainless steel parts.

After the stainless steel ball is finished, there is still the possibility of being scratched. How to prevent the ball from being scratched?

Before answering this question, let’s take a look at why stainless steel gazing balls are easily scratched.

First of all, the surface of stainless steel spheres is polished, and rubbing against each other will cause scratches on the surface. In the same way, if the polished ball accidentally falls to the ground, it will also cause scratches on the surface. As far as these two problems are concerned, they are actually very easy to be solved. It is nothing more than handling with care.

However, in actual international trade, how can we reduce the appearance of scratches? At this point, packaging plays an important role. That is, each stainless steel ball is individually packaged in a bag to reduce the friction between balls. This seems to be a good solution for small and medium balls, but how to solve this problem for large balls?

The storage rack should be made of wood to isolate it from other metal materials such as steel. When storing, the storage location should be convenient for hoisting, relatively isolated from other material storage areas, and protective measures should be taken to avoid contamination of stainless steel balls by dust, oil, and rust.

Stainless steel parts hoisting

When hoisting, special hoisting tools, such as hoisting belts, special chucks, etc., should be used. Wire ropes are strictly prohibited to avoid scratching the surface; and when hoisting and placing, avoid impacts and scratches caused by scratches.


When transporting, use transportation tools, and should be clean with isolation protection measures to prevent dust, oil, and rust from polluting the stainless steel. Procrastination is strictly prohibited to avoid bumps and scratches.


When handling stainless steel hollow balls during processing, transportation tools should be used, and isolation and protection measures should be taken to prevent dust, oil, and rust from polluting the stainless steel. It is strictly forbidden to drag directly on the platform or the ground, and it is strictly prohibited to bump and scratch.

OK. Above is the factors that cause stainless steel gazing balls being scratched and ideas how to avoid it.