Haixu—A Stainless Steel Sphere Manufacturer: The Secret I Gain Return Customers

A friend asked me, “I have been in trade for several years and had hundreds of customers in total, but there are not many repeat customers. And how about you? I said to him, “In the industry I am in,if there are no regular customers, there may have something wrong. Product itself may be one part of the story. It goes without saying that customers would not repeat their order if they are not satisfied it. On the other hand, it is hardly for us to gain regular customers if our service is not good enough. Haixu, the stainless steel sphere supplier, have been cooperating with our customers for several years and we still keep good relationship.”      

Stainless steel industry has witnessed years of development and great competition in the market. It is outdated to wait for customers to make an offer. Instead, we should take the initiative to seek target customers. However, despite the increasing activities of some companies, their market sales may not necessarily increase. At present, many enterprises attach much attention to their brand instead of quality, the most important one. Only with high product quality can we gain more return customers. Therefore, businessmen should think how to strengthen their products more than only focusing on expanding market. Without great product quality, any measure should be useless.

In addition, with the advent of consumerism, customers are not just satisfied with products only. They require better service. In the face of market competition, the most effective way for companies is to strengthen their faith, work hard, attract talents, improve management, and take customers priority.

Therefore, from  enterprises’ perspective, if they want to win from the fiercely competitive market, they  must continuously improve their comparative advantage. Only by gaining the favor of consumers in terms of product quality and service satisfaction can companies be invincible in the market!