Haixu, The Stainless Steel Sphere Manufacturer Still Keep improving

Many enterprises tend to be conservative and apt to produces that they are adroit at. However, Haixu would like to embrace new challenge of producing stainless steel sphere with various design. For instance, we would like to produce the products with a new design that customers require but we never give it a try under the circumstance that do not affect delivery.

Several months ago, a customer required us to make products with specific strict specification which many companies may be reluctant to make because it may be a great loss if not succeed. However, we prefer to give it a try even though there may be a great loss because we believe that it is cost for lessons we have to pay if we want to make a better selves and broaden our business field.

Success is the dream of every start-ups. But we all know that only few people get successful. If one are starting his/her business, he/ she should have the ability to accept the worst result. If one has started his/her business for several years but is starting to stop embracing challenges, he/she should bear in mind that the declining business will come sooner or later. One should  be always on the way of improvement and never stop for there are thousands of people who would like to replace.

Here are some factors I summarized that may lead to failure in business:

First, caring more about benefits rather than customers. Taking revenue too seriously may be a leading factor that lead to failure either for start-ups or entrepreneurs with years of experience. One should never do that. Of course, it does not mean that we should not take interests into consideration. Instead, we should bear in mind that our earning is from our customers. It means zero if one cannot hold their customers back.

Secondly, gain more customers via the core value of the enterprise. An entrepreneurs should find out not only whether their ideas are able to bring revenue but also  products are worth for customers and bring benefit for customers. Once customers have need for your products, they would like to but it. Otherwise, it means nothing.