Haixu As Stainless Steel Sphere Supplier Never Deceives Customers

A salesman employed by a friend of mine took an order and was told that 15 days are needed for producing. However, he told the client that only 10 days are needed for the products. On the 10th day, the customer asked the man whether or not the products are finished and he got yes answer. Then, the employee was asked for delivery and sent the courier number. He had no other choice but consigned an empty package to the client and sent him the number. After receiving the empty parcel, the customer called the salesman and asked for an explanation but the man had nothing to say. After being deceived over and over again, the client was raged and called to the salesman’s employer directly who fired the man after hiring the news.

Lying to clients is a taboo in business world. The unethical behavior that the salesperson used — covering up one lie by using another lie damaged the company’s credibility seriously. Only by seeking truth from facts and being honest with customers can we gain trust from customers and maintain long-term business relationship with customers, and with customer support, companies can grow and develop.

However, there are some enterprise whose staff deceive their customers when facing problems and failing to give customers a satisfactory answer, which ends up lead to loss of trust. There are also some people who always think that customers do not understand the products, regard some of the product’s professional issues as a tool to avoid responsibility, and do not take their customers’ trust seriously. These are all signs of lack of public morality and responsibility.

Contrary to the commercial principles and morals for temporary benefit, companies will collapse in the near future even though it is growing. If an enterprise continues to deceive and fool customers and lose its due integrity, it will eventually be abandoned by integrity!

From Haixu’s standpoint, no matter what industry you are in, do not deceive your clients. It is trust that makes him have the decision to purchase from you. One has to learn how to conduct himself/herself in society first so that they can do things well. Career does not means to make money but make your life meaningful and achieve self-recognition. Success is not how much money you make, but how many people you help, and how many customers you help. After you are become a upright person, money will come incidentally. Being a valuable person is more important than being a rich person.