What Stainless Steel Sphere Manufacturers Can Do During COVID-19

First, I would like to start with a story.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a donkey. This little donkey followed the farmer from an early age, and worked hardly. One day, the donkey accidentally fell into a dry well. The farmer racked his brains to find a way to save the donkey but all methods seemed useless after several-hours efforts.

In the end, the farmer decided to give up with the thought that although he had done a lot of hard work, it was not worth the effort to save it for its old age. But in any case, the well had to be filled, lest someone fall into it later, and let the donkey die without too much pain, so the farmer invited the neighbors to help him bury the donkey in the well together.

The farmer’s neighbors started to shovel the dirt into the dry well with a shovel. When the donkey learned about his situation, he began to cry miserably. Everyone heard it and speeded up, but unexpectedly, after a while, the donkey calmed down. The farmer looked at the bottom of the well curiously, and the scene surprised him: when the soil shoveled into the well fell on the back of the donkey, the donkey ’s reaction was amazing—it shook the soil down, Step on its feet and stand on top of the dirt!

In this way, the donkey shoveled all the soil that fell on it to the bottom of the well, and then stood up. Soon, the donkey rose to the wellhead and ran away happily.

Like the donkey, in the journey of life, sometimes we will inevitable fall into “dry wells” and will be dumped on us by various “sands”. The key to escaping from these “dry wells” is to shake off the “sand” and stand on it.People can move to a higher level only by facing and solving problems in hardships and difficulties.
With the big challenges of the epidemic— COVID-19 acorss the world, it is too difficult for small-and-medium-sized enterprises to survive, let alone development. A friend of mine said “it is difficult to make business in 2020.” However, we will never give up but adjust our mindset and state and keep going. The road ahead will be more difficult but we will finally overcome difficulties.  

Although Haixu’s stainless steel ball business has been affected by COVID-19 all over the world, we have not been and will never be upset and discouraged. We disinfected all our products and the whole factory during the outbreak and communicated with customers about the future development in the line of the decoration and stainless steel sphere. There is no easy thing in the world, and there is no business that can be successful casually and easily. Life has its ups and downs. At present, we must find a way to overcome hardships and maintain our core competitiveness. The future of Haixu—a stainless steel sphere manufacturer will become better and better.