From A Stainless Steel sphere Supplier’s Experience—How to Make Old Customers From New Customers?

Few months ago, I talked with a friend of mine and he said, “The business is not good as it was to be. I got orders not much than last year. How about you?” I said, “I heard about this situation from others. My circumstance may a little bit different from yours. Our orders are much more than that of same period last year, probably because our company is in the period of rising. We got some new customers who was introduced by regular clients most of whom are satisfied with our product.” 

For many enterprises, it is worth thinking how to shift new customers into regular ones. There are my experience I would like to share with all of you.

First of all, treat customers with sincerity. No matter which industry you are in or which products you are selling, we all should keep a faithful mind and spare no effort to serve our customer well. Learn how to conduct yourself before being a salesman. Only you behave as a upright and sincere person, can you leave a great impression to customers and gain the opportunity for cooperation. We have to bear in mind that customers are our potential partners and friends.  

Secondly, paying attention to the product quality. We should address ourselves into the quality if we want to turn a customer into a loyal regular customer. For instance, the quality of material in Haixu — the stainless steel ball supplier can be guaranteed. Apart from that, we pay heed to the detail in the processing, which customers can find out the greatness of the detail in the products.

Thirdly, keep in touch with your customers. New customers should be well received and every new customers should be treated with care. Coming to find Haixu while having trouble  not only refers to during the purchase process but as what I hope, Haixu can be the first choice when customers want to make any consultant at any time. We also would like to try our best to help customers.

Fourth, word-of-mouth publicity. The products in Haixu can not only solve real problems for more customers but also bring them additional benefits. Because of our great reputation, customers set their mind at rest to place orders at Haixu.

Last but no least, product upgrading and service improvement. Only companies’ representatives and marketers who are constantly improving themselves can they gain recognition and support from customers.

In short, Haixu is in the process of continuous strict self-requirement. We believe that our customers cam feel every bit of our effort. No matter whether there is peak season or not or whether we are suffering economic downturn, Haixu will always be here with its initial spirit!