Focusing on Product Quality And Service, What Does Haixu—A Stainless Steel Sphere Manufacturer Gain?

What makes our way be narrow? What makes business get worse? There are questions worth discussing.

Few days ago, I chatted with a friend who are also in stainless steel industry for more than 10 years, and cooperated with a lot of clients these years. However, regular customers who are still cooperating with are far from much. He also draw conclusions about this phenomenon — unstable quality, no effort in customers’ feedback. Some didn’t chose to make a feedback if we did not ask for, while some made a complain but we seldom dealt with it, all of which end up lead to lose our customers.

Band management cannot get successful overnight. Its words and deeds must be consistent. It is true either for well-known or start-up band.

In the stainless steel industry, quality is the priority of products. For us manufacturers, the profit can be flexible, but the quality is a rigid standard like steel. With the disadvantages in today’s market, such as the increasing cost of the raw material, ring labor costs, disorderly market competition, an increasing in the cycle of capital withdrawal, manufacturers may come across some difficulties. However, in order to ensure profit margins, some manufacturers use inferior materials, which not only lowers the quality but also loses integrity. It poses threats in the long run although it seems to be profitable in the short term. Product speaks!

Selling products is the first step of the “Long March”. After that, the prosperity of an enterprise is directly depend on the quality of after-sales service. When there is quality problem emerged or when there is a need of manufacturer’s assistance to solve a certain problem, the manufacture’s attitude towards these problems will greatly influence client’s attitude towards the brand. Enterprises that deal with those trouble negatively and passively and shun their responsibility for their products will turn out to lose consumers’ trust.

Everyone must heard that the first product was sold by salesman, while the following goods were sold by after-sales service staff.

Purchasers may not have a comprehensive and full knowledge of the quality of the products before making their first order in a new supplier. More business support will be gained once one focus more on customers’ feedback and trouble assistance or even problems solving raised by customers.

Since Haixu— the stainless steel ball supplier is focus on stainless steel industry, we have been inspecting the product quality strictly and after delivery,we have asked clients’ feedback. Once problems occur, we coped with it actively to ensure great customers’  purchasing experience. We all bear in mind that quality and service are the core of the sustainable development of our brand.