1000 Tons of Stainless Steel in Stock, Is It True Or False?

A friend asked me that there are often some advertisement from his counterparts saying that 1000 tons of 304 stainless steel in stock, which can be delivered immediately after placing the order. Is it real? Or does the manufacturer just talk big for so much inventory? Is it possible to have such enormous products with every specification in stock?

I told him that it may be true according to my personal experience. However, what they told may be semi-finished products instead of finished ones. It seems normal if the amount of products are part of their in-stock finished goods, part of semi-finished ones, and part of products processed outside. It is impossible for a manufacturer to stock products with every specification. But this way enables suppliers to meet their customers’ need if large amount of products are required. Once their customers placed orders, they can guarantee that products can be finished within 3 days and deliver on time, which cannot be seen as the behavior that deceive customers.

Actually, this is way of advertising is not striking and people who are in this line know it more or less. It attracts many customers for the sake of various products with assorted specification and large amount of inventory. However, in spite of its efficiency that can meet customers’ urgent need, it may pose threat to its quality when the supplier pay more attention to the output. Therefore, for customers, Haixu suggests that people should be wary of inferior products.

Nevertheless, it will not be the case if one choose a company with great reputation. Haixu, as an enterprise who boasts its high-quality products with various specifications, advanced production workshops and skkilled front-line workers, etc., provides our customers with high-end stainless steel sphere.

Quality determine the height. The customers’ product quality may no longer be a problem with Haixu.