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Stainless Steel Hollow Sphere for Decoration

Stainless Steel Sphere

Cooperating with world leading stainless steel sphere manufacturer&supplier Haixu Co., Ltd., you are able to obtain quality mental sphere products with satisfaction and enjoy the fastest delivery and wonderful service. Any size and color with multiple surface finish on metal balls can be made based on your requirement.

Stainless Steel Hollow Sphere Water Feature

Stainless Steel Sculpture​

Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture can be made by Haixu Co., ltd. based on your specific demand for shape and size. Compared with other metal sculptures, stainless steel sculptures are more suitable to decorate the places with modern style, including outdoor garden, plaza, shopping mall and hotel decoration, because of their unique ability to resist corrosion and heat damage.

Stainless Steel Hemisphere

Stainless Steel Hemisphere

Haixu is capable of producing, spinning, stamping press, assembling stainless steel hemisphere to almost any size matching your specification. Our stamping pressed steel hemispheres features a high mirror polished which is capable for ceiling decoration and traffic conner safety mirrors dome.

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Haixu Co., Ltd. is a stainless steel balls manufacturer and supplier in China specializing in designing, processing and selling stainless steel hollow sphere water feature, stainless steel gazing ball, stainless steel sculpture, etc. We have superb technology and professional team with over 200 advanced production facilities and over 30 testing equipment for steel balls inspection and quality guarantee and with excellent service and the pursuit of beauty and quality, we have gaining the great reputation throughout the world. Also, OEM and Customization are accepted to meet all our customers’ requirement. We welcome you to contact us at any time for inquiries.

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What Are Haixu Stainless Steel Balls, Hemisphere And Sculpture? How Do They Work?

Large Stainless Steel Hollow Sphere


Stainless Steel Sphere also known as stainless steel hollow sphere, stainless steel gazing ball and stainless steel sphere water feature is a kind of ball made of stainless steel, which boasts its corrosion and rust resistance. Haixu processes from the raw materials to the sphere with multiply surfaces such as mirror finished, polishing finished, matte finished, (color) plated finished, believing that the product is a sign for quality life in this modern society.


Stainless Steel Ball, Hemisphere, Sculpture can serve in multiple places with various function. With its mirror polishing finished, stainless steel sphere is an important ornamental element in garden and can reflect its surroundings beautifully. Stainless steel ball as water feature can be an attractive spot where makes a good mood for all visitors. It is sure to ba a focal point in your landscape, potio, garden etc. For construction, stainless steel sculpture is a vital element in today’s contemporary architecture and artistic design.

Stainless Steel Pattern Balls

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Haixu is a stainless steel ball, hemisphere, sculpture manufacturer and supplier in China. We are able to provide you with practical advice and related solutions. We will assist you from the design to reselling and ultimately, making a win-win result.